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  • We are specialists in Corporate and Personal Errands
  • We do grocery shopping
  • We take items for repair
  • We pick up and deliver dry cleaning
  • We stand in queues for tickets & visas
  • We travel to Europe & the USA
  • We pick up forgotten items
  • No membership fee
  • No joining fee
  • No registration fee
  • We wait in for delivery & service men
  • We will run any errand, just ask

Errand Running for Employee Benefits

  • We serve busy people within the UK’s top companies.
  • HR Managers can reduce absenteeism, improve staff performance & increase the bottom line with our unique errand running service
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Errand Running for Customer Satisfaction

  • Global brands partner with us to enhance their customers’ experience, build customer loyalty & outperform the competition.
  • Our errand running service reduces overhead and increases revenue.
  • See HOW WE DO IT here.

Errands Plus is The Errand Running Company in London providing bespoke messenger solutions to busy individuals and organisations. We help reclaim your time for more important things by powering through to-do lists and taking care of the mundane tasks. Our service is fast, efficient and completely reliable.

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to cut a spare key, re-heel your favourite shoes or collect that parcel waiting at the post office. Our team of vetted, London-based errand runners are on hand to help with every request; irrespective of its size or complexity.

From our London offices we run errands to all parts of the UK, Western Europe and the USA; hand-delivering priceless items and picking up forgotten ones. Our errand runners go beyond the call of duty to ensure we save you time and money. Whether you require on-going personal support or would like us to facilitate errand requests for your staff or clients, Errands Plus will be happy to be of service.