Q. Is Errands plus insured?
A. Yes
Q. Is there a limit to errands that you can run?
A. Absolutely not! We run every errand as long as it is legal to do so.
Q. Can I make payment after you have run an errand?
A. We require that payment be made before we run an errand. However, we issue invoices for any incidental costs after we have run an errand.
Q. Do you offer discounts?
A. Yes. We offer discounts on errands assigned 2 days ahead of time from their expected delivery dates. You can also enjoy massive discounts when using our Special Services. However, our errands are priced on a ‘per errand’ basis, thereby accommodating most budgets.
Q. Do you have weight restrictions on items you carry?
A. Yes. We are better equipped to carry small and medium sized goods weighing up to about 20kg.

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