How it works

Delegating errands

Membership is not required in order to use our services. The size of your errand and the distance of travel required are no problem to us.

Scheduling errands is easy and quick, and can be done in any of the following ways:

By telephone:
Call 020 7754 0324
or request a call back
This is the quickest way to delegate errands
in London and within the M25, excluding queuing
errands, house sit-ins, and errands requiring national
& international travel. Delegate Now

Not quite sure or require more information about anything? Request more information HERE

What happens next?

  • We schedule all errands as soon as we receive your instruction.
  • We ensure you receive a clear quotation and agree to errand costs & terms upfront
  • We despatch a runner immediately, aiming to reach the errand location within 1 hour of
    booking confirmation; 80% of the time we get to you within half an hour.
  • We facilitate all requests in full adherence to instructions received.

Areas we cover

  • We run errands all over London and Greater London and cover all areas within the M25.
  • We also run errands up to Western Europe and the USA.

Our Errand Service Guarantee

Errand Plus takes full responsibility for the facilitation and completion of all paid-for errands and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our services. In the unlikely event that dissatisfaction is caused as a result of our non-adherence to specified instructions, the full errand cost is immediately refunded.