Errand prices

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  • Our pricing is competitive and transparent and we never have hidden charges.
  • We provide a quotation for each errand and ensure you understand and agree to errand costs before we facilitate your request. The specifications below are only a guide.
  • We accept all major debit and credit cards
Nature of Errands Price Guide Important Notes
Standard errands
(e.g. from point A to B)
(min. charge)
Total cost dependent on travel
distance and waiting times
Errands involving queuing and waiting (e.g. for Visas and Servicemen) £25.99 per hour Total cost dependent on total number of hours spent
Shopping £29.99
(min. charge)
Total cost dependent on quantity of items bought and waiting time
Special errands e.g. requiring travel beyond London & the M25, up to Western Europe and the USA Contact us on 020 7754 0324 or by EMAIL Total cost dependent on specific details, facilitation time and nature of errand.